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Al-Ibad at asgharsir.com: Alibad Matric Science Schools & Spoken English Institutions, Rawalpindi Islamabad

Al-Ibad Institute was established in 1991 in Karachi. Later we shifted to this twin city in 1995. Our English Language faculty was originated in the same year. In 2003, we initiated our demonstration classes for the kids. In just a half-year period we were graded so well for strict English Speaking practices and highly confidence building environment and as an institution where the kids' interest in education rises so sharply. This reputation inspired us to launch the highly credible school in the heart of the city, Committee Chowk in March 2004.

At present Al-Ibad School offers admission up to 8th Class in Morning School. Although the School is up to Matric Science but we do not offer admission directly in Matric classes until a Student is very very bright. We conduct Spoken English Courses and also short courses in Computer Application Software.

For any Suggestion & Complaints

  • You can drop or post a letter addressing to the School Coordinator
  • You can contact Main Campus Principal at Phone# 5500289
  • You can contact Campus II Principal at Phone# 4340876
  • You can message at the Mobile Number from which you get School Broadcast Messages. If you are not sure please ask for this mobile number from Main Campus Office.
  • Above mobile number is dedicated to School Broadcast Messages so it is switched on for the same purpose only. So please do not expect an urgent reply or do not call at this number.